Jan 2, 2014

" there is always a way when things look like there's no way. There's a way to do the impossible, to survive the insurvivable. There's always a way. And you, you and I have this in common. We're inspired. In the face of the impossible, we're inspired. Today, if you become frightened, instead, become inspired. " 

Nov 3, 2013

Fading away into the fog.

November came and I've already lost the track of reality, the sense of time, the sense of life. My sight has turned  blurry and the silent is my last word. 
I let the clouds hug me and every part of me has vanished. 
You will find me wandering among the mist.

I lose myself to find myself.

Sep 14, 2013

Nature's essence.

 In every ‪walk‬ with ‪‎nature‬ one receives far more than he seeks. 
-John Muir

Aug 28, 2013

Mediterranean vibes.

“I wonder if the ocean smells different on the other side of the world.” 
 When you feel the call of the sea, you don't hesitate to go. I've spent these last weeks in Oropesa del Mar in the east coast of Spain. Time to feel the marine breeze, to feel the waves, to dance in the middle of the sea as the raindrops fall down, to go hiking and reach the top to admire the ocean up there, to go to the unknown, and to discover hidden and solitary beaches, biking to explore beyond, to meet up friends that I've never seen in a year, to go back to my bubble and experience a day like old times, remembering how much I loved that place and how I missed it and its people. To sum up, going miles away to break routines by the mediterranean sea has been wonderful.

August 1 - 15.