Dec 13, 2014

never stop exploring

We were heading to the search of little respites as we the mountains started to flood the whole scenery of the train's windows. Ready to the unkown and to follow peculiar red circles which lead us to witness the awesomeness of the scenery above the clouds, on the top of the mountains. But, what really matter in this little escapade was the whole journey, and the fact of sharing such great good vibes and laughs and songs and stories with these magnificent people. To share the astonishing views and to create unforgettable memories about it. To feel the sunlight, the rain sound and its smell, the unexpected hail, the different atumn shades, the way the clouds move and rise and touch the mountains.
 Little details between leafy woods; great explosions of happiness shared with them.

Cercedilla, autumn '14

Sep 28, 2014

Don't forget that we are such a lucky human being alive, alive in this astonishing world. 
We are human beings that are able to feel admiration in every single piece that suround us, we just have to decide to appreciate these dialy things that make sense this caothic universe.

kensington park, london